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Bergeron Clifford LLP

Personal Injury Law Firm Serving Clients in Cornwall

Gavin’s goal to obtain the maximum level of compensation you deserve to fully compensate you and your family for your losses.

Year of Call: 2009

Gavin Cosgrove is a Certified Specialist in Civil Litigation.

He is a partner at Bergeron Clifford LLP and represents innocent victims of negligence in motor vehicle accidents and other cases of negligence resulting in serious injury or death.

Experienced Accident and Injury Lawyers

When a family reaches out to Gavin, they are in the midst of the most traumatic and difficult periods of their lives.

Gavin has the experience and proven track record that assures clients their legal concerns are in trusted, capable, hands.

Once retained to act on your behalf, Gavin works diligently to understanding every aspect of the event that led to your injury and towards quantifying the extent and impact of your injuries.

While most cases settle out of court, the lawyers at Bergeron Clifford believe in preparing every case as if it is going to trial. This positions their client’s case in the most advantageous light and shows insurance companies they are unafraid to advance meritorious cases to trial if a fair settlement can not be negotiated.

As your Cornwall personal injury lawyer, it is Gavin’s goal to obtain the maximum level of compensation you deserve to fully compensate you and your family for your losses.


Cornwall Injury Lawyer

Handling Injuries or deaths resulting from:
+ Car Accidents
+ Cycling and Pedestrian Accidents
+ Motorcycle Accidents
+ School Accidents Resulting in Serious Injury or Death
+ Boating and other Water Accidents (Drowning, Diving, Tubing, etc.)
+ Recreational Vehicle Accidents (ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiles, Jet ski, etc.)
+ Slip and Falls

Helping Injury Victims Suffering:
+ Brain Injuries (TBI, ABI, Concussion)
+ Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)
+ Amputations and Nerve Damage
+ Orthopaedic Injuries
+ Tendon, Ligament and Muscle Damage
+ Severe Neck and Back Strains (Whiplash, etc.)
+ Burns


Professional Memberships and Activities

+ Ontario Trial Lawyers Association
+ County of Carleton Law Association
+ Frontenac Law Society
+ County of Lanark Law Association
+ The Advocates’ Society


Free Consultation With An Experienced Cornwall Injury Lawyer

The lawyers at Bergeron Clifford coined a saying:

“You don’t need an injury lawyer, until you do.”

This is very true.

You got a phone call no one wants to ever receive…

You answered a knock on the door you wish you never heard…

An Emergency Room doctor has told you the unthinkable…

If seeking legal help from a Cornwall personal injury lawyer is what brought you here, you are making the right choice. Gavin Cosgrove and his team will help you navigate this difficult time with the knowledge and skill required to get you the settlement or court result you need.

If you are unable to attend the Bergeron Clifford LLP offices, arrangements can be made to meet at your home, hospital or rehabilitation facility. (Covid Public Health directives permitting.)

Gavin welcomes the opportunity to consult with Cornwall area families dealing with tragedy – at no cost – to understand basic details of the accident, the extent of injuries and how best to proceed in recovering the compensation you deserve.

Call Gavin Cosgrove 1-866-384-5886 for a free consultation. Alternatively, scroll down and submit the easy contact form that goes right to the firm’s inbox!



Certified Specialist

Acts on Contingency Fee Basis – No Upfront Payment

Home, Hospital and Rehab Centre Visits

Barrier-Free Access

Interpreters Available


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