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Toronto Civil / Commercial Litigation Lawyer

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Chand & Co., Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Helping Those Embroiled Civil and Commercial Litigation Matters in Toronto, Throughout the GTA and Across Ontario

Pradeep is a skilled litigator with almost two decades of experience helping clients in high-stakes litigation representing public corporations, private companies and individuals in complex legal disputes.

Year Called to the Bar: 2004

Pradeep Chand is a respected civil litigation lawyer based in Toronto, renowned for his expertise in handling a wide array of civil and commercial disputes.

With a strong track record of success, Pradeep has established himself as a trusted advisor and formidable advocate for his clients. His deep understanding of the law, coupled with his strategic approach to litigation, makes him a go-to resource for individuals and businesses navigating complex legal challenges in Ontario.

Civil and Commercial Litigation Law Firm in Toronto - Chand and Co. Lions at your side protecting your legal interests.

When the stakes are at their highest and the outcome of vital importance is when Pradeep Chand shines as your trusted counsel working towards the best litigation outcomes.

When retained to act on your behalf, you have a legal lion at your side, driven to securing the results you need.


Experienced Toronto Civil / Commercial Litigation Lawyer on Your Side

Mr. Chand has the experience to provide comprehensive legal representation to clients embroiled in civil and commercial litigation matters and strategically guide them through every step of the legal process.

Pardeep’s negotiation skills are instrumental in reaching resolutions that protect his clients’ interests. His goal is to find efficient and cost-effective solutions while avoiding the need for lengthy court battles whenever possible.

If a reasonable resolution can not be achieved through negotiation, Pardeep is a trial lawyer at heart and comfortable pursuing justice in the courts.

He and his team at Chand and Co., do some of their finest work at trial so if the need arises, they are ready to fight on your behalf. You can rest assured Pradeep Chand will do his utmost to protect your interests.

Pardeep Chand has appeared before every level of Court in Ontario and is comfortable presenting cases before a jury or trial by judge alone.

Some of the civil / commercial litigation cases Mr. Chand handles / pursues include:

+ Business Disputes
+ Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
+ Commercial Lease Disputes
+ Professional Disciplinary Hearing Defence
+ Real Estate Litigation
+ Condominium Litigation
+ Breach of Contract
+ Debt Collection
+ Arbitration Lawyer
+ Franchise Litigation
+ Appellate Litigation
+ Cannabis Licensing and Litigation
+ Cannabis Business Advisory Lawyer

The lawyers of Chand and Co. provide every client with complete, diligent and determined representation that aims for the most optimal outcome possible.


Professional Memberships and Education

+ Police Foundations, Algonquin College (1997)
+ Public and Private Investigations, Algonquin College (1997)
+ BA, Law/Criminology, Carleton University (1999)
+ LLB, University of Ottawa (2003)


Retain Pardeep As Your Civil / Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Toronto

Pradeep Chand maintains open lines of communication with his clients, keeping them informed of developments in their cases and offering reassurance during what can be a stressful time. His personalized approach ensures that clients feel supported and empowered as they navigate the complexities of litigation.

Pardeep Chand leaves no stone unturned in building a strong legal strategy, leveraging his attention to detail and analytical skills to present compelling, winning, arguments. His commitment to diligence and thorough preparation sets the foundation for successful outcomes for his clients.

His litigation skills are honed through years of experience, allowing him to effectively represent clients at the negotiation table, in trials, tribunals, hearings, and appeals.

Pardeep Chand’s courtroom demeanour is characterized by professionalism, assertiveness, and a dedication to securing the best possible outcome for those he represents.

Pradeep can be reached at 416-583-2377 or via e-mail at Alternatively, scroll down and submit the easy contact form.


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