Spinal Cord injury Ontario – SAFE@HOME Connecting in a Crisis

Spinal Cord injury Ontario – SAFE@HOME Connecting in a Crisis

Author: Joe Pileggi, EPS Settlements Group of Canada

Spinal Cord injury Ontario – SAFE@HOME Connecting in a Crisis

Most health care workers and personal injury lawyers, know of the good work Spinal Cord Injury Ontario has done over the years. Formally known as the Canadian Paraplegic Association, it has operated out of Lyndhurst Hospital since the end of World War 2. Many of our mutual clients were one time patrons of the hospital and remain SCIO members. I am proud to say, I have been helping those with spinal cord injuries since 1980. I made some great friends who were kind enough to let me work on their cases. Having said that, it is true of most of us in the personal injury field – it doesn’t matter what side of the bar we are on, SCIO has been an invaluable resource to help our mutual clients/friends.

Well, our friends need us!

Those with spinal cord injuries are at high-risk to get COVID-19. This is because of the need for face-to-face care, whether acute, rehab, or in the home. This increased risk will continue until there is a vaccine.

So how can we help our spinal cord injured friends during the pandemic? SCIO has had to adjust how it delivers urgent care needs to its members by optimizing safety. To help fund these critical programs, it has launched a new fundraising campaign: Safe@Home.

P.S. Bob Nigol who is the managing partner of EPS Structured Settlements of Canada, is also the Chair of the Board of Directors for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCIO). Bob has advised me that the Board of Directors’ have a commitment to match all funds raised up to $75,000.

Now is the time to help: To donate – Click here.

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