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Divorce Lawyer in Etobicoke

A Dedicated Divorce Lawyer Protecting Your Best Interests. Serving Clients Throughout the Greater Toronto Area Including Etobicoke

José Bento Rodrigues focuses his practice on family law litigation and is the managing partner of the Family Law Group at Unified LLP.

When a marriage or long term relationship disintegrates to a point beyond repair it is usually in everyone’s best interest to take definitive action to legally end the relationship and formally establish ones legal rights and obligations so all parties can move forward with their lives in a positive and predicable way.

The ultimate end result in any divorce is the well being of you and your family and José works diligently towards achieving exactly that along with your other desired litigation outcomes.

Toronto Family Law Firm - Unified LLP

A negotiated agreement is the best approach as it can be achieved in less time, reducing legal fees and eliminating expensive court preparation and trial time and allow families to move on with their lives with a greater sense of comfort and stability. José’s experience, attention to detail and heightened level of advocacy usually results in amicable, negotiated agreements between parties.

However, the reality in many divorce cases is there is often significant acrimony, distrust and even hatred. Sometimes opposing sides are just unable to reach a reasonable out of court settlement or mediated agreement. In such cases, trial is the only path to resolution.

If your case must proceed to trial, know you are in the capable hands of a leading Etobicoke divorce lawyer in José Bento Rodrigues and his team at Unified LLP.


An Experienced Etobicoke Divorce Lawyer Working for You

José pursues family law cases in a pragmatic, fair and respectful manner with an eye towards swift resolutions to minimize costs and exacerbation of hurtful emotions and related mental health stress. While José believes in advancing and resolving his client’s cases as quickly as prudently possible, he will never sacrifice your rights and entitlements for the sake of expediency.

In this emotional and stressed filled time – with high stakes – his clients take comfort knowing they have a dedicated and experienced divorce lawyer in their corner litigating their case with a reasoned, objective and calm perspective to protect their rights, interests and obligations under Ontario Family Law.


Handling Your Divorce With Compassion and Determination

Most of us do not get married thinking it will end in divorce. On the contrary, most of us get married thinking it will be, “Happiness ever after…” but statistically, that only happens in fairy tales. Healthy marriages take work and can be tough to maintain.

As your divorce lawyer in Etobicoke, José pours his energy into finding solutions that are pragmatic and innovative and tailored to your unique circumstances and desired outcomes.

José handles all matters pertaining to family law in Ontario:

+ Annulments
+ Child Custody
+ Child Support
+ Common Law Relationships
+ Divorce / Divorce Mediation
+ Domestic Abuse
+ Family Law
+ Father Rights
+ Grandparent Rights
+ Joint & Shared Custody
+ Marital Separation
+ Parenting Plans / Rights
+ Pre-nupital / Matrimonial Agreements
+ Property Division
+ Restraining Orders
+ Separation Agreements
+ Spousal Support
+ Visitation Rights

Work with an Etobicoke divorce lawyer that fights for your best interests – work with José Bento Rodrigues.


Professional Associations and Education

+ J.D., University of Ottawa
+ Ontario Bar Association
+ Canadian Bar Association


Trusted Divorce Lawyer Helping Etobicoke Residents Through Divorce

Divorces can be emotionally charged and legally complex.

As your Etobicoke divorce lawyer, José Bento Rodrigues will play a crucial role in guiding you through these challenges, ensuring your rights are protected, and help you achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

When you retain José to act on your behalf, he understands you are trusting him with your future financial well being. This is not a commitment he takes lightly. He knows you probably have a lot of questions and is happy to answer them in a straight forward manner and address any concerns you may have.

A guiding principal of José and his firm is to provide every client with a strategic, personalized approach, responsive communication and a commitment to excellence in advocacy as he guides your through your divorce.

Email José Bento Rodrigues here or call 416-222-1673 to begin the next chapter of your life and discuss your best legal options.




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