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Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Clients in Hamilton and Southern Ontario

Protecting Your Right to Full Compensation After a Serious Injury Claim

Year Called to the Bar: 2013

Work with an experienced Hamilton personal injury lawyer that will fight tirelessly for your rights ensuring you get the maximum possible compensation.

Erik understands that struggling with a personal injury is time-consuming, complicated, and presents a variety of difficulties for you and your loved ones. Adding a mountain of financial and legal stress is the last thing you need.

That’s why Erik, a personal accident lawyer in Hamilton with a proven track record of achieving great results for his clients, will also work to ensure that your legal stress is as minimal as it can be.

The physical and mental recovery process is a long journey. Our justice system can also be slow. While it can be a long, drawn out, process to advance your claim – Erik believes in keeping his clients updated so they do not become discouraged and they have a full understanding of their case at all times.

When you choose Erik as your personal accident lawyer in Hamilton, you can count on him to shoulder your legal burden as he works towards securing the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Personal Injury Lawyers at Neinstein

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Hamilton

As part of the leading personal injury law firm Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers, Erik will leverage his and his firm’s resources, experience, and determination so you know that your personal injury case is being managed by proven legal professionals.

Dealing with your injury on its own is difficult – dealing with the injury without the compensation you’re entitled to can be near impossible. Let Erik fight for the full compensation you’re entitled to so you can focus on your recovery.

Erik and Neinstein Personal Injury Lawyers have experience with hundreds of successful claims for clients, serving as a:
+ Bike accident lawyer
+ Slip and fall lawyer
+ Car accident lawyer
+ Boating accident lawyer
+ Public transit accident lawyer
+ Spinal cord injury lawyer
+ Wrongful death lawyer

Erik has additional expertise in long-term care home negligence and nursing home negligence litigation – if you or a loved one needs a proven lawyer for any of the above, get in touch with Erik.


The Compensation You Deserve To Move Forward With Your Life

The goal is to get the compensation you need to restore your life as close to its pre-injury state as possible.

That simply can’t be done if you don’t get the compensation you need and are entitled to – Erik understands that.

Erik and the lawyers at Neinstein personal accident law firm will exhaust every possible legal option to reach the best possible legal outcome in your case.

HURT IN “THE HAMMER” OR ANYWHERE IN THE GTHA? Call Erik Joffe – Phone #: 416-920-4242 x 2224 or Email him here to get your personal injury law questions answered and determine the best legal options that are available to you. Alternatively, scroll down and submit the simple contact form that goes right to his inbox!




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