We Welcome Alfred Kwinter and Shane Katz of Singer Kwinter

We Welcome Alfred Kwinter and Shane Katz of Singer Kwinter

We are delighted to welcome Alfred Kwinter and Shane Katz to Top Lawyers™.

Alfred Kwinter

Mr. Kwinter is a founding partner of Singer Kwinter and is recognized as one of Canada’s leading experts in personal injury and insurance law litigation.

Alf’s clients benefit from his over 40 years of experience in personal injury law. He specializes in helping Ontario families recover from traumatic injuries, receive their long-term disability benefits (LTD), and overcome major property loss and other insurance claim denials.

He is certified as a Specialist in Civil Litigation.

To discover more about Mr. Kwinter’s practice and experience, please see:
+ Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer – Alfred Kwinter

Shane Katz
Mr. Katz is a senior lawyer at Singer Kwinter where he maintains a respected practice in plaintiff side personal injury and insurance claim litigation.

Shane has a proven track record of success helping his serious injury victim clients and their families as well as insurance claimants facing major insurance claim denials.

To discover more about Shane’s practice and experience, please see his profile:
+ Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer – Shane Katz

Singer Kwinter is an established and highly respected law firm serving clients throughout Ontario.

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