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Disability Insurance Denial Lawyer Ottawa

Denis Alisic helps people denied their insurance benefits claims.

Many people have disability insurance coverage through their work or may have purchased protection privately to guard against an unfortunate accident or illness that leaves them unable to work.

Its all unicorns and rainbows when the insurance company is signing you up – promising to be there for you and your family should you ever need support – but the reality is insurance companies often deny long term disability benefit claims and make it very difficult to access.

This is why people often need to hire a disability insurance benefit lawyer to access the protection, benefits and compensation they paid for but are being denied.


An Ottawa Disability Denial Lawyer to Help You

Denis Alisic helps people that have been denied long-term disability (LTD) benefits and other insurance coverage claims.

Critical illness, medical and disability insurance policies are designed to help at the time you need them most. It is unfortunate insurers take advantage at times when people are most vulnerable.

Denis’ clients have paid into their benefit plans in good faith – often for decades – only to be denied that very coverage when they need it most.

Denis has obtained benefits originally denied for ailments including:
+ Critical Illnesses / Diseases
+ Depression and Anxiety
+ Fibromyalgia
+ Chronic Pain
+ Fatigue
+ Physical Injuries

Denis is happy to fight for you in:
+ LTD Insurance Benefit Denial Cases
+ LTD Insurance Benefit Appeals
+ Short Term Disability Cases
+ CPP Disability Claims and Appeals
+ Life and Property Insurance Claim Denials

If you feel your insurance company is being unfair to you, call Denis. He will fight to get what is rightfully yours.


An Ottawa Disability Benefit Denial Lawyer that Understands

Denis knows how stressful it can be to not only be dealing with a horrible, disabling illness but to have to worry about how you will pay the bills and support yourself and family.

If your doctor has stated you are too sick or injured to work and you have been denied disability coverage, Denis can help with your disability claim.

Denis is pleased to provide his services in English, Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian.

Denis will happily meet with you at your home, rehabilitative centre, or hospital at no charge to discuss your disability benefit denial or other insurance claim.

Denied Long-term Disability in Ottawa or Anywhere in Ontario? Let Denis help you get the compensation you deserve. Call 613-237-4922 ext. 235 for A FREE CONSULTATION. Alternatively, scroll down and submit the easy contact form that goes right to the firm’s inbox!




Acts on Contingency Fee Basis – No Upfront Payment

Home, Hospital and Rehab Centre Visits

Barrier-Free Access

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