Top Lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario, practicing in various areas of law, best able to help you with your legal matter. When it comes to hiring an Ottawa lawyer, experience counts! At Top Lawyers we ONLY list lawyers with ten or more years of experience, and/or firm partners, and/or those certified as “Specialists” by their legal governing body.


Ottawa Contract Dispute Lawyers

Ottawa Contract Dispute Lawyers to best advise businesses and individuals involved in contract disputes. Sometimes the dispute is obvious such as failure to pay or deliver as promised. Other times, it may just be a genuine misunderstanding of the contract terms and obligations. Either way, a lawyer experienced in contract law, is an unbiased eye t…

Ottawa Criminal Defence Lawyers

Ottawa Criminal Defence Lawyers – Representing clients charged with Criminal Code offences and other quasi-criminal and non-criminal charges, fines, and/or accusations throughout the Greater Ottawa Region and Eastern Ontario. If you have been charged, it is in your best interest to consult and retain an experienced criminal lawyer in Ottawa.

Ottawa Divorce Lawyers

Ottawa Divorce Lawyers Experienced Ottawa divorce lawyers can be found here. They can guide you through the legal divorce process and protect your rights and interests. Also see: Family Law Lawyers in Ottawa for skilled representation in all matters pertaining to family law.

Ottawa Employment Lawyers

Ottawa Employment Lawyers – Dismissed, let go, laid off, restructured, fired? – No matter how you phrase it, a job loss can be devastating. In terms of the grief and anguish it can cause, its often compared to a marriage breakup. Just as when a relationship dissolves, people have certain rights and obligations – So to do employers to their em…

Ottawa Family Law Lawyers

Family Lawyers Ottawa The Ottawa family law lawyers listed here are happy to speak with you about any family law matter and advise you how best to proceed. Also see: Ottawa divorce lawyers for help to legally end a failed marriage and move on with your life in a positive way,

Ottawa Long Term Disability Lawyers

Experienced Ottawa Long Term Disability Lawyers to help you when you need it most. Being denied the disability benefits you faithfully contributed to for years is incredibly distressing and the last thing you need when battling a serious illness or disability. If you have been denied what you feel are your rightful LTD benefits, speak with a lon…

Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers in Ottawa with the experience to advise you on how best to proceed after an accident or injury. If you or an injured loved one live in the Ottawa, Ontario area, consult the lawyers below about the circumstances surrounding the injury, your rights and how to best proceed. Also see: Car Accident Lawyer Ottawa

Ottawa Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Ottawa Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers These lawyers help couples confidently enter a marriage knowing they have had an in depth discussion about their finances, rights, obligations and expectations. This communication exercise of putting a prenup in place is particularly prudent for those with previous and/or extensive assets. Consult with a Pren…

Ottawa Real Estate Lawyers

Ottawa Real Estate Lawyers to protect, guide and assist you with the sale or purchase of residential or commercial real estate.

Ottawa Will and Estate Lawyers

Ottawa Will and Estate Lawyers – Speak with an Ottawa lawyer experienced in will and estates well before the need arises. Nobody likes to think of their own mortality, but properly documenting your assets and wishes and having contingency plans should you become unable to manage your own affairs (Power of Attorney for Care and Property) is best n…

Top Ottawa Estate Litigation Lawyers

Estate Litigation Lawyers in Ottawa, Ontario. There has already been a loss in the family. Sadly, family rifts can be exacerbated by ambiguous will and estate matters. Experienced estate lawyers can help families sort out complex issues in a practical manner absence the emotions.

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One of the things that differentiates Top Lawyers from other directories is our exclusivity. As our name suggests, we only list experienced lawyers that meet strict, minimum practice, experience and/or recognition requirements.

These requirements include:
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  • Awarded the recognition of “Queen’s Counsel” (Q.C. Designation)
  • Recognized by their Bar Association or Law Society as a “Certified Specialist”
  • Partner in a law firm and in good standing with the legal governing body of their province
  • Have practiced in their preferred area of law for a minimum of ten years
What does this mean to you, the general public?

You can have confidence in selecting and retaining the experienced lawyers listed here. They have “Been there. Done that” and bring their considerable knowledge and skill to support every case they undertake. After all…

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