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Farjoud Law

Criminal Lawyer in North York Serving Clients Throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

Arman Farjoud has an outstanding track record defending clients facing serious criminal charges. He is committed to delivering the highest standards of professionalism, client services and skilled, passionate, representation to achieve the best result.

When you are charged with a Criminal Code offence, finding a trusted criminal lawyer to defend you is paramount. Arman Farjoud’s reputation precedes him, earning accolades from both clients and peers.

He brings to your defence years of experience and an enviable track record defending clients against charges and investigations just like the ones you may be facing.

Arman Farjoud has dedicated his career to helping people charged with criminal offences in the Greater Toronto Area.

North York Defence Law Firm

He understands the fear, stress and uncertainty individuals face when confronted by police with arrest, jail, and criminal legal proceedings. Arman takes the time to listen, educate, and guide his clients through every step of the legal process. His focus is not only on achieving legal victories but also on providing reassurance during what can be a challenging time.


North York Criminal Lawyer Protecting Your Rights!

Arman provides an advanced level of representation to every client he takes on. He has built a well regarded reputation for his skill and determination in defending clients against the enormous resources of the police and Crown. He draws on his years of experience in criminal law and unique life experiences and talents to help his clients achieve optimal outcomes.

Mr. Farjoud regularly represents adults and youths accused of serious crimes that require an experienced North York defence lawyer. Where possible, he strives to resolve charges through negotiation — without the necessity of a time-consuming and costly trial with an uncertain outcome. Sometimes a reasonable early resolution is not possible – for a variety of reasons – in such cases, Arman is known for his courtroom acumen and strategic advocacy.


Professional memberships and activities

+ Law Society of Ontario
+ Ontario Bar Association
+ Criminal Lawyers’ Association


Helping Accused Persons in North York Charged With: (But not limited to)

+ Assault
+ Domestic Assault
+ Sexual Assault
+ Attempted Murder
+ All Criminal Driving Charges
+ Bail Hearings / Reviews
+ Breaking and Entering (B&E)
+ All Drug Charges
+ Fraud
+ Impaired Driving (DUI)
+ Manslaughter
+ Mischief
+ Obstruction of Justice
+ Robberies
+ Theft Over / Under $5000
+ All Weapon Charges
+ All Other Offences Under The Criminal Code of Canada


Access to Justice is Everyone’s Right!

Arman Farjoud is a firm believer that every person is entitled to access to justice. His firm offers flexible billing on hourly and block fees. Also, they accept Legal Aid for those who qualify. Further, he strives to reduce language barriers for all members of Ontario’s diverse communities. Arman himself is fluent in Farsi (Persian) and frequently provides legal assistance to the Iranian community.


A North York Criminal Defence Lawyer Fighting For You

Your best defence is to hire a lawyer with extensive experience in criminal law and knows how the Ontario justice system works.

From “minor” crimes to the most serious Criminal Code offences, Arman Farjoud recognizes the enormous, negative consequences that flow from being arrested, charged and possibly convicted with a criminal offence.

When retained to act on your behalf, Arman will do everything within his legal ability to work towards achieving the most favourable result given the evidence against you and other case circumstances, while ensuring your rights are protected along every step of way.

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offence or are under investigation, contact Farjoud Law and speak directly to a Criminal Defence Lawyer in North York. Arman answers most calls personally when he can. He also maintains an answering service that runs 24/7 so call anytime.

Charged? CALL FARJOUD LAW @ 647-606-6776 Alternatively, submit the simple contact form below that goes right to the firms inbox!

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