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Ottawa Disability Insurance Denial Lawyers Serving Clients in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

Has your application for long term disability insurance been denied? Brent helps LTD and Critical Illness claimants throughout Eastern Ontario.

Brent Meadows is an accomplished lawyer based in Ottawa with an outstanding reputation built primarily on his work in personal injury and insurance law.

Brent has extensive experience representing clients in disputes with their insurance companies, including coverage disputes and bad faith claims.

People expect the protection they purchase will be accessible should the unfortunate need arise – that is almost the very definition of insurance coverage – but the common response from big insurance companies is to deny people’s claims at a time when they are vulnerable, hurting and lack the energy to fight. They know some will give up and just go away… leaving money and support that is rightfully yours, in their bank account.

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Enter the Long Term Disability Insurance Law team at

Brent Meadows and his colleagues at know insurance law and can help you when your insurance company denies your claim.


An Experienced Ottawa Disability Denial Lawyer

Brent can force the insurance company to pay what you are contractually owed as defined by your insurance coverage.

These disputes can usually be resolved through negotiated settlement. If an insurance company wants to play hard-ball and insist on going to trial – Brent can play that game too. Courts do not take kindly to insurers acting in bad faith and have ordered large punitive damages be paid on top of the contractual amounts prescribed in your policy.

Brent Helps Clients Denied Their:
+ Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits (LTD Benefits)
+ Short Term Disability Insurance Benefits
+ Critical Illness Coverage
+ Life Insurance
+ Fire Property Damage / Loss

Whether long term disability, critical illness, life or any other significant insurance coverage / policy that you bought and paid into – do not walk away from coverage that is rightfully yours without speaking to an insurance denial lawyer in Ottawa!


Free, No Obligation, Consultation on Your Insurance Claim

Brent Meadows is a highly respected lawyer in Ottawa with extensive experience in personal injury and insurance law.

No one asks to be disabled, injured or deal with life changing illnesses. You were prudent and purchased protection. You and your family now need that protection and your insurance company is hassling you… That’s just not right.

You may not have the energy to fight, but Brent sure does. Let Brent fight for you!

He is a compassionate and dedicated lawyer who fights tirelessly to ensure his clients receive the compensation they deserve. His track record of successful verdicts and settlements is a testament to his legal skills and expertise, and he is highly regarded by clients and legal professionals alike.

You can speak with Brent for free. If you agree to work together, he takes injury and insurance cases on a contingency fee basis – meaning you pay nothing up front and his fees are paid from a percentage of the money he recovers for you. All details will be fully explained to your satisfaction.

Contact or 613-237-4922 x 241 to obtain legal advice from an experienced Ottawa insurance denial lawyer. Alternatively, scroll down and submit the simple contact form that goes right to his inbox!



Acts on Contingency Fee Basis – No Upfront Payment

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