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Toronto Tax Lawyer – Yan David Payne

Serving Clients in Toronto, the GTA, and Throughout Ontario


Year Called to the Bar: 2003

Mr. Payne is the the founder of Payne Law, a respected tax litigation firm in Toronto.

His firm concentrates on serious civil and commercial litigation disputes – including tax law disputes and appeals. Yan helps individual taxpayers, small and large businesses / corporations and charitable non-profit organizations stand up to and refute Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) allegations of non-payment, under payment or other violations.

In his 18 years of experience, Mr. Payne has helped shape common law in the area of tax appeal litigation law through a number of notable Tax Court of Canada decisions.

Yan is well regarded within the legal community and recognized as a leading tax litigation lawyer in Toronto championing the rights of taxpayers against the might and resources of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Yan David Payne is certified by the LSO as a Specialist in Civil Litigation.


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The tax lawyers at Payne Law recognize the fear, uncertainty and anxiety taxpayers face when under scrutiny of the Canada Revenue Agency. These fears and feelings are not unfounded. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has broad powers to investigate taxpayers and you can be deemed “guilty” of a tax violation with only a cursory review of your tax filings and a few keystrokes. Once a CRA agent says you owe – the onus is on you to prove otherwise.

Yan negotiates and settles numerous taxpayer disputes against the CRA every year. When a fair solution can not be negotiated, Yan; as a proven tax appeal litigation lawyer, is fully prepared to escalate a case he believes in to formal tax appeal proceedings at the Tax Court of Canada

Every tax fight with the CRA and taxpayer circumstances are unique but a common denominator is Yan’s commitment to protecting your legal rights, finances and best interests in a timely, cost effective manner in your altercation with the CRA.


An Experienced Tax Lawyer in Toronto

Yan David Payne has successfully represented taxpayers through audits, objections, re-assessments and formal tax appeal proceedings at the Tax Court of Canada.

He acts for individuals and business in defence of Income Tax Act offences and tax evasion charges. Yan represents taxpayers and helps them submit voluntary disclosure program applications, as well as applications for waiver/fairness packages and remission orders.

In addition, he has extensive experienced in pursuing civil remedies including damages against lawyers and accountants who may have failed in discharging their professional duties.

The Toronto tax appeal lawyers at Payne Law are all indoctrinated and adhere to the three “P’s: Preparation, Professionalism, and Perseverance.

Yan David Payne’s dedication to this area of law and commitment to each case he takes on fuels him and his staff to work towards achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Mr. Payne helps taxpayers deal with CRA issues such as:
+ Audits
+ Assessments
+ Reassessments
+ Objections
+ Tax Appeals
+ Tax Evasion
+ Voluntary Disclosure
+ Tax Waiver
+ Tax Fairness Adjustments
+ Tax Payment Orders and Fines

Professional Memberships

+ Law Society of Ontario (LSO)
+ Ontario Bar Association
+ Member of the LSO Directory of Certified Specialists

Tax Appeal Advocacy and Litigation by a Certified Specialist

Yan is known for the strategic advocacy he provides and favourable results he achieves as a tax advocate.

Having a tax lawyer with a successful track record on you side can be a considerable advantage in negotiating a solution acceptable to the CRA or in advocating for you at formal levels.

As Canadian’s – we are fortunate to enjoy the quality of life we have. Those services we rely on cost money and it is important that we all pay the fair share of tax that is required from us. Tax problems happen. Issues can range from simple oversights and honest mistakes to purposeful tax evasion. Unfortunately, your motives and circumstances matter little to the CRA. If they say you owe – you owe unless you can prove otherwise.

If you are facing accusations from Canada Revenue Agency – Don’t ignore. Don’t delay. Don’t go it alone. Contact Toronto tax lawyer Yan David Payne today: 416-447-4529.





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