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Jag Virk Criminal Lawyers

Serving Criminally Charged Clients in Brampton and Peel Region

Jag is known as a dynamic criminal defence lawyer who is persuasive, powerful and passionate in representing his clients and works towards achieving the best outcomes

Year Called to the Bar: 2006

Brampton criminal defence lawyer, Jag Virk provides vigorous representation and support to his clients as they navigate our complex criminal justice system.

Mr. Virk represents clients charged with all Criminal Code offences and appears for his clients at every stage of the process – From Arrest, to Bail Hearings, Trials, Appeals, 524 Applications, Resolution Meetings with the Crown Attorney, Judicial Pre-Trials and more.

Every case is different and every defendant is unique. Jag Virk has a proven record of success in attaining the withdrawal of criminal charges and acquittals (Not guilty rulings). Sometimes, given the weight of evidence against you and your previous history (Existing record, previous trouble with the police, etc.) it is unlikely the Crown will agree to withdrawing charges or that any Brampton criminal defence lawyer could achieve a favorable verdict. In these instances, the best one can hope for is negotiating a plea to a lesser charge or sentence or utilizing creative measures such as diversion, or the Alternative Measures Program.
Jag Virk - Criminal Law Firm
Whatever the circumstances of his clients or the evidence against them, Jag Virk and his team are there every step of the way, with their years of criminal defence experience, to work towards obtaining the best possible outcome.

A Brampton Criminal Defence Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Dealing with criminal charges is a daunting and stressful ordeal. For this reason, it is absolutely imperative that you have the right Brampton criminal lawyer by your side. You want an experienced defence lawyer who will ensure your rights are protected within the justice system.

Jag Virk is known as a dynamic criminal defence lawyer who is persuasive, powerful and passionate in representing each and every one of his clients. As your defence lawyer, he will provide you with a full and robust defence. You are not guilty until you are proven guilty.

Brampton Criminal Lawyer Defending Those Facing Criminal Charges

Mr. Virk defends against a plethora of criminal code charges including:
+ Assault Charges
+ Theft, Break and Enter and Robbery
+ Mischief
+ Domestic Assault
+ Drug Offences
+ Weapon Offences
+ Criminal Driving Charges (Over 80, DUI, Refuse Breath Sample)

Access to justice is an enormous challenge in our system.
At Jag Virk Criminal Lawyers in Brampton they offer:
+ Free Initial Consultation
+ Affordable Payment Plans
+ 24/7 Call Answering
+ Appointment Flexibility (Days, evenings, weekends)

Professional Memberships

+ The Law Society of Upper Canada
+ Criminal Lawyers Association

Inspired Criminal Defence Fueled By Experience and Tenacity

Jag Virk brings his years of courtroom experience to every case. His Brampton and GTA area clients benefit from inspired strategies and defences that are fueled by his experience, tenacity and belief in the most admirable, hallmark tenants of the Canadian justice system – That clients are innocent until proven guilty. That the onus of proving guilt is on the Crown. And that in prosecuting – The rights of the accused are never violated at any point in the process.

As a respected criminal defence lawyer in Brampton, Jag Virk has the legal expertise it will take to help you get through this troubling time.

Contact Jag Virk Today at 416-619-0437 to Discuss Your Charges.

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