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Toronto Employment Lawyers

Need a consultation with a top Toronto employment lawyer?

Dismissed, let go, laid off, restructured, fired (With or without cause) – No matter how you phrase it, a job loss can be devastating.

In terms of the grief and anguish it can cause, its often compared to a marriage breakup. Just as when a relationship dissolves, people have certain rights and obligations – So too do employers and employees when the workplace relationship ends.

It is in your best interest to consult with an experienced employment lawyer in Toronto. He/She can best advise you on matters such as wrongful dismissal, severance pay, notice, etc.

In most instances, your employer has given you the bare minimum. Depending on your individual circumstances, these employment lawyers are able to negotiate greater levels of severance pay and other potential benefits you are leaving on the table if you sign away your rights before consulting an employment law lawyer.

Some employment lawyers in Toronto provide free, no obligation, consultations and will represent you on a contingency fee basis; meaning you pay nothing up front and they are paid an agreed percentage of the settlement recovery. Others work on an hourly rate or flat rate basis. Discuss these consultation and payment specifics when you call.

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