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What The Law

Criminal Defence Lawyer Defending The Rights of the Criminally Accused in Barrie and Surrounding Areas

Facing criminal charges in Barrie? Mustafa Sheikh is the experienced lawyer you want on your side. He works tirelessly to resolve your case as prudently as possible and with your best interests in mind.


Criminal Lawyer in Barrie

Mustafa Sheikh has focused his career on criminal defence law.

Mustafa founded WHAT THE LAW with the objective of providing unparalleled representation in criminal law matters with a client-first focused approach.

He has an impressive track record of success for his criminally accused clients and a reputation for his relentless defence of people facing serious criminal charges.


Experience Defence Lawyer Barrie

Once the mechanisms of the criminal justice system have been set in motion against you, it can be difficult to stop.

As you are likely already experiencing – being arrested by Barrie Police or any police service, charged, jailed and facing the prospect of a criminal trial is very stressful. It is a time of great anxiety and fear. You may also be feeling shame and/or embarrassment. While these feelings are natural and understandable – Guess what? You are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

While the Barrie police, Crown Attorneys, the public and even your family and friends may judge you – Mustafa Sheikh and his team at WHAT THE LAW will not.

Criminal Defence Law Firm What The Law

The role of a Barrie defence lawyer near you is to defend you in this difficult time.

As your Barrie criminal lawyer, Mustafa commits to ensuring you get fair process and works towards obtaining the best legal outcomes possible given the evidence against you, your previous history with the law and your standing within the community.

Mustafa Sheikh and his team at What The Law will attempt to resolve your case as prudently as possible and with your best interests in mind.

If your case must go to trial, you will receive Mustafa’s direct attention, guidance and counsel as he and his team look at all possible defences and exhaust all possible options to protect your rights, reputation, freedom and future.


A Barrie Criminal Lawyer Defending cases as your:

+ Aggravated Assault Lawyer Barrie
+ Bail Hearing Lawyer Barrie
+ Care and Control
+ Dangerous Driving
+ Dangerous Operation
+ Domestic Assault Lawyer Barrie
+ Drunk Driving Causing Bodily Harm
+ Drive Over 80 mg
+ Impaired Driving Lawyer Barrie
+ Failure to Provide Sample (Breath Sample)
+ Fraud Defence
+ Human Trafficking
+ Manslaughter Charges
+ Murder Charges
+ Robbery
+ Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer Barrie
+ Simple Assault
+ Theft
+ Weapons Offences
+ Young Offenders


A Barrie Defence Lawyer Fighting for You!

“Anything you say can and will be used against you.”

Police aren’t speaking with you in the hopes you will become great friends, (although they may behave very friendly.) They’re wanting you to say something incriminating to make their job easier!

Respectfully decline to answer questions. Keep your mouth shut and contact a criminal lawyer in Barrie at your earliest ability.

Call WHAT THE LAW at 647-295-6499 and level the playing field with a dedicated advocate that knows the law and the criminal law system inside out.

Mustafa Sheikh regularly represents people accused of serious crimes. Once retained to represent you, Mustafa and his experienced team will assess the strength of the Crown’s case against you. Where possible, he will strive to resolve your charges through negotiation and avoid the cost, stress and unpredictability of a trial. If your case must go to trial, Mr. Sheikh is known for his committed advocacy, strategic thinking, thorough preparation and complete understanding of the law, facts and evidence in your case.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you want an experienced Barrie defence lawyer on your side fighting for you.

Mustafa offers flat rate fees, flexible payment plans and accepts Legal Aid certificates from those that qualify.

Contact Mustafa Sheikh today by calling 647-295-6499 or click here to email. Alternatively, scroll down and submit the easy contact form that goes right to the firm’s inbox!

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