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Vilkhov Law, PC

Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto / Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Igor provides strategic and determined representation for those facing Criminal Code charges and works to resolve your case with the best outcome possible. Serving Clients in Toronto, Scarborough, Newmarket and Brampton


Igor Vilkhov is a respected criminal lawyer based in Toronto. He is the principal lawyer and founder of Vilkhov Law Professional Corporation.

He has focused his practice on criminal defence law and has earned a reputation as a fearless advocate for his clients, fighting tirelessly to protect their rights and interests.

Mr. Vilkhov understands most people are not exposed to negative encounters with police and that being arrested, charged and detained are frightening experiences.

While probably foreign to you, Igor skilfully guides clients through the criminal justice system every day – always striving towards the most favourable result on your behalf.

When facing serious criminal charges, you need a defence lawyer with a track record of success resolving charges just like the ones you are facing.

Charged or suspect you are under investigation? You are encouraged to contact and retain Igor Vilkhov as soon as possible and avail yourself to his experience and proven defence.


An Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Toronto

Over the course of his career, Mr. Vilkhov has successfully handled all types of criminal cases, from drug trafficking and firearms offences to murder and other violent crimes.

Of particular note, is his track record defending sexual assault claims.

Igor Vilkhov has represented clients at all levels of court in Ontario.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with a criminal offence, hiring an experienced criminal defence lawyer will help make this time of great stress and anxiety as manageable as possible, while giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your rights are protected in every step of the process.

Igor Vilkhov defends people against all Criminal Code charges including:
+ Aggravated Sexual Assault
+ Sexual Interference
+ Assault
+ Aggravated Assault
+ Assault With Weapon
+ Manslaughter, Attempted Murder and Murder
+ Domestic Assault
+ Uttering Death Threats
+ Impaired Driving
+ Driving At/Over 80
+ Dangerous Driving
+ Driving Hit and Run
+ Fraud / White Collar Crimes
+ Theft Under/Over
+ Terrorism Related Charges
+ All Weapon and Firearm Related Charges
+ Criminal Conspiracy / Organization / Gang Related Charges
+ All Drug Offences

Igor’s approach in handling cases is to ensure a vigorous defence with no stone left unturned – the consequences of anything less are just too great.


Professional Memberships

+ The Law Society of Ontario
+ Criminal Lawyers Association
+ Toronto Lawyers Association

Google Reviewed ★★★★★ Toronto Criminal Lawyer On Your Side!

Igor Vilkhov is deeply committed to protecting his client’s rights and their future well-being by striving towards the best legal result possible.

Criminal defence law is high stakes. Igor shoulders this burden knowing the severe consequences that a finding of guilt may bring. It fuels him to give you his ultimate effort. He is known for his compassionate and empathetic approach, and he works tirelessly to ensure that his clients receive a full, vigorous defence.

Meticulous research, preparation and the ability to think quickly, strategically and creatively are all part of a successful defence. Igor has dozens of five star reviews on Google from satisfied clients that were facing serious charges and legal peril that Igor was able to resolve to everyone’s satisfaction.

If you are in need of legal representation for a criminal matter, Igor Vilkhov is a name you can trust to fight for your rights and protect your interests with passion and skill.

Charged? Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto? Free Consultations. Representing Clients Throughout the GTA. Call Igor Vilkhov – 416-807-4477 or Email Igor Vilkhov here. Alternatively, scroll down and submit the easy contact form that goes straight to his inbox!



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