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The Internet: Where No One Knows A Lawyer’s Name – The Case For Streamlined Client Intake and the Role of CRM Software in Consumer Facing Law Firms

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    January 18, 2018

Remember the television show “Cheers” that took place in the friendly neighborhood bar where “Everybody knows your name?”

How many Canadians could reference an individual lawyer by name? Not many is my guess.

You may be hot stuff in legal circles but outside your colleagues, friends and family (Your mother is rightfully very proud of you) nobody knows your name or that you are a lawyer that can help them.
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Lawyer Video Profiles

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    March 17, 2017

One of the things I love about the Internet is how it beings people together and helps them connect. A few years ago I connected with John Lilly thorough our shared interests in online marketing. John has an extensive background in media and digital advertising and we recently re-connected over a new project John is undertaking – Video Business and Product Promotions through his company, Stream Serve Inc. A niche off-shoot of John’s new business, that dove-tails nicely with Top Lawyers, is creating Lawyer Video Profiles.

Online video is becoming the consumer’s preferred method of fulfilling their information needs. YouTube reports over 1 billion users and captures more users in the age 18-49 demographic than any other cable network in Canada or the USA. (Source: YouTube)
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What can Top Lawyers™ do for you? Why should you join?

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    February 27, 2017

What can Top Lawyers™ do for you? Why should you join?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call 416-988-4529 or visit to learn more.
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Top Lawyers™ Welcomes Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer, David Di Lella

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    September 27, 2016


We are delighted to welcome David Di Lella to Top Lawyers™.

Mr. Di Lella is a founding partner of HORLICK LEVITT DI LELLA LLP where he practices civil litigation with a particular emphasis on personal injury litigation and insurance coverage disputes. He represents clients throughout greater Toronto and the surrounding areas.

+ Profile: David Di Lella – Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer

To learn more about Mr. Di Lella’s experience and how he can help you, or a person you care about, see the link above.


We can help you! Whether you are a sole practitioner or a law firm with offices across Canada, our national online lawyer directory,; and our related municipal based lawyer directories, give you the exposure you need in a competitive legal marketplace. Contact us today!

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Top Lawyers™ Canada Welcomes Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer, Greg Neinstein

    Legal News from the Web, Online Marketing for Lawyers    June 14, 2016

Welcome Toronto Injury Lawyer to our Website

Welcome Toronto Injury Lawyer to our WebsiteWe are delighted to welcome Greg Neinstein to Top Lawyers™ Canada.

Mr. Neinstein is the managing partner of Neinstein and Associates. Located in Toronto, he represents accident and injury victims throughout Ontario.

Called to the Bar in 1999, he is an experience personal injury lawyer, dedicating his practice to obtaining fair compensation for the injured and the disabled.
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Top Lawyers™ Welcomes Leading Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

    Legal News from the Web, Online Marketing for Lawyers    November 3, 2015

Top Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer Joins Top Lawyers

Top Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer Joins Top LawyersTop Lawyers™ is delighted to welcome Joseph A. Neuberger to the Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyers section of our website.

Mr. Neuberger has more than 23 years of experience handling criminal defence cases. He is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a Specialist in Criminal Law.

He meticulously researches, investigates and prepares for every case and works tirelessly towards achieving the best possible outcome supported by the facts and evidence of each case while delivering the highest standard of service to his clients.
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Top Lawyers™ Welcomes Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyer, Sean Giovannetti

    Legal News from the Web, Online Marketing for Lawyers    November 3, 2015

We are delighted to welcome Ottawa injury lawyer, Sean Giovannetti

We are delighted to welcome Ottawa injury lawyer, Sean GiovannettiTop Lawyers™ is delighted to welcome Sean Giovannetti to the Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers section of our website.

Sean Giovannetti has focused his practice on personal injury claims. First, as an insurance defence lawyer and today, as an Ottawa personal injury lawyer that exclusively represents accident and injury victims or Plaintiffs and their families.
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Tip: How to Remove Yourself From a Bad Twitter List – Reputation Management for Lawyers

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    October 7, 2015

We all love Twitter but did you know anyone can create a list and add you to it? That’s great if you are being added to an interesting or professionally favorable list. Not so great if it’s a list about lawyers who like to kick cats.

Just the other day I saw in my notifications tab someone added me to a list that was pretty smarmy in my humble opinion (though not about cat kicking). My immediate reaction was to disassociate myself and get unlisted – fast. I looked for a “Remove” or trash can symbol to get off the list. Nothing. I looked under “Lists” in my profile settings – It has lists you are subscribed to or appear on, but nothing to really manage those lists.
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Top Lawyers™ Welcomes Founding Partners of Leading Ottawa Personal Injury Law Firm

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    September 16, 2015

Top Lawyers™ Welcomes Bergeron Clifford LLP Founding Partners

Top Lawyers™ Welcomes Bergeron Clifford LLP Founding PartnersTop Lawyers™ is delighted to welcome Ted Bergeron and Chris Clifford to the Ottawa Personal Injury Lawyers section of our website.

Mr. Bergeron and Mr. Clifford have successfully represented injured clients and their families in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal, Financial Services Commission of Ontario and before the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board.
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Have you met Liam? Watch This Whiteboard Video

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    September 9, 2015

Have you met Liam?

Like you, he’s an experienced lawyer in a consumer facing practice and has a proven track record helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes. He’s well regarded within the Canadian legal community and loves his work!

But Liam was concerned about the level of his online visibility….
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Long, Holiday Weekend. Time to be Carefree – Not Careless

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    August 2, 2015

Prevent Diving Injuries. Play safe

Where did the summer go? Here we are at the start of August and enjoying the (in Toronto) Simcoe Day long weekend.

Most people just know this weekend as a civic holiday but are not aware of its real name or purpose – To honour John Graves Simcoe, who founded the town of York, Upper Canada, which later became Toronto.

He was also the first lieutenant governor of the province of Ontario. So there you go.

Speaking of Simcoe… Many of us are heading up to Lake Simcoe and the surrounding areas of cottage country. Others will be enjoying all the festivities going on in, and around the city.

With that in mind here are our safety tip reminders:
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One of Life’s Great Mysteries Revealed (At least to me)

    Online Marketing for Lawyers, Top Ottawa Lawyers    July 22, 2015

Over the last five years, I have noticed different patterns emerge in our web traffic.

For example, summer marks a sharp increase in visitors to our site seeking criminal defence lawyers. The higher the temperature, the higher our search volumes.

Logically, this makes sense. We are out more enjoying the weather. Staying out later. Interacting and socializing with friends and strangers alike for greater periods of time.

It’s hard to get in trouble laying on your couch under your snuggie during the winter when its minus 25C.
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That Toronto Peacock Was No Birdbrain.

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    June 25, 2015

Many of us were amused by the adventures of the escaped, “High Park Peacock” in late May and earlier this month. It seems this creatures magnificent plumage is equally matched by its cunning and elusiveness.

I was honoured (and a little tickled) to be mentioned in a tweet by this feathered, Toronto celebrity.

@TopTorontoLaw is the Twitter account for our sister site – Toronto lawyer directory, It wonderfully illustrates how, when people (Or peacocks for that matter) are in need of a lawyer, they turn to the internet – And when they do, they find the lawyers listed with us, in our well positioned, high performing, municipally focused directories.
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Top Lawyers™ is a proud sponsor of the 2015 Legal Marketing Association, Toronto Chapter’s “Your Honour Awards” Gala

    Legal News from the Web, Online Marketing for Lawyers    February 12, 2015

Top Lawyers Sponsoring Gala Event

The Legal Marketing Association of Toronto’s upcoming “Your Honour Awards” is on February 26, 2015. Have you got your tickets?

This is their third annual, gala event, highlighting outstanding achievements by those in the Toronto legal marketing community. The competition will judge strategies and campaigns developed and executed in business development, marketing and communications.

Top Lawyers is proud to lend it’s support, for the second year in a row, to the recognition of excellence in legal marketing that is characterized by the professional members of LMA Toronto and wish the best of luck to all entrants!

Get your tickets. Top Lawyers Sponsoring LMA Toronto Gala Event
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Home Run Online Marketing for Lawyers – Does This qualify as “Crushing It?”

    Online Marketing for Lawyers    February 11, 2015

Why should you list on Top Lawyers™? I could tell you – but talk is cheap. Let me show you.

Here is a quick screen capture from earlier today showing how well we are performing for the clients listed in our Ottawa Family Law Lawyers and Ottawa Divorce Lawyers sections.
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  • We Are Delighted to Welcome Aaron Murray

    by on February 9, 2023 - 0 Comments

    We are delighted to welcome Aaron Murray to Top Lawyers™. Mr. Murray is a founding partner of Leone Murray LLP – a boutique personal injury law firm with locations in Toronto, Bruce County, Southampton and Haliburton. Aaron has a track record of exceptional legal outcomes achieved on behalf of his seriously injured clients and their […]

  • We Welcome Canadian Immigration Lawyer Joshua Slayen

    by on January 26, 2023 - 0 Comments

    We are delighted to be working with Joshua Slayen. Mr. Slayen is a Partner at Coal Harbour Law where he maintains a busy immigration law practice in British Columbia. He provides legal guidance to clients around the globe that desire an end point destination in Canada for personal or business reasons.

  • We Welcome Criminal Defence Lawyer Alexander Karapancev

    by on January 13, 2023 - 0 Comments

    We are delighted to welcome Toronto criminal defence lawyer Alexander Karapancev to Top Lawyers™. Mr. Karapancev has a reputation for achieving the most favourable outcomes possible in even the toughest of cases.

  • We Are Delighted to Welcome Kirsty Niglas-Collins

    by on March 9, 2023 - 0 Comments

    We are delighted to welcome Kirsty Niglas-Collins to Top Lawyers™. Ms. Niglas-Collins heads the Labour Department at Unified LLP. She maintains a busy practice as an experienced labour law lawyer in Toronto empowering unions and union members throughout Ontario. Kirsty is also noted for her work defending those facing professional regulation and disciplinary charges.

  • We Are Delighted to Welcome Michael Paiva

    by on March 13, 2023 - 0 Comments

    We are delighted to welcome Michael Paiva to Top Lawyers™. Mr. Paiva heads the Property and Commerce group at Unified LLP. Michael’s practice involves handling both disputes and transactions in real property matters including planning and land development, expropriation, real estate, and construction law.

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